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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday Evening & Sunday Morning 03-02-08

I enjoyed the indoor jacuzzi with the view of the marina and whitecaps outside of the marina! We were all glad we left on Friday instead of Saturday - we had some wind here yesterday late afternoon...

We all enjoyed hot showers and then hora feliz with brie, crackers and nuts - wine for the ladies and Arrogant Bastard ale for the men. We watched the sunset and met some of the owners of some of "The Big Boys" (as we call the yachts that surround us).

A correction on the boat values I gave in my last post...
The values of the two powerboats on either side of us are $2,500,000. Each.
We fit right in.

Then the skype calls began! First my brother, Gary from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Then Mike & Cyndi from Ohio (shown here):

Then Dave of "Sweet Lorraine" who is anchored in Zihuatanejo!

Then a wonderful dinner of leftover potatoes by Cherryl, salad & steaks. Orange chocolate sticks for dessert and only one catastrophe... a broken scotch glass.
We are now down to two scotch glasses...
Good thing we have lots of plastic cups!

Jim listened to the Amigo Net weather and we have a weather window for Tuesday morning. We all thought electricity on the boat would be nice, so for my early birthday present, look at what Stan, Tim & Pam bought me! A 30 to 50 amp adaptor!So now we have the washing machine going, we used the microwave and have internet!

Pam made scrambled eggs, I made a fruit salad and we heated leftover bagels from Kim.

Now the boys are polishing the stainless!

What a great crew!

And here we sit at Marina Coral...

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