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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prisoners with Julianne & Nathan

Time for another island trip!
Wash the sheets.
Buy too much food.
But too much wine.
Possibly not enough beer...
Get a little diesel.
And go!

Cousin Julianne and her son Nathan came up on a Thursday night.
Then we made the mistake of trying to cram all the catching up into that particular night.
Not so good for Jim the next morning...
A little lot slow.

We ended up backing out of the slip around 8:15 and headed to Prisoners.
It was beautiful!
Calm, flat, full of dolphins.

And the only boat at Prisoners!
The guys headed off to the fishing grounds.
And came back with this!
Nathan's first halibut.

The girls talked.

And we did the typical usual Prisoners stuff.
Hiked to the guard shack.Trespassed onto Nature Nazi land.
Sorry, Ranger Timmy, Park Detective, but this is the guard shack!
Not the lookout.
The guard shack.
We figured we have been going to the guard shack longer than Ranger Timmy has been alive, so we will go with our name.
Long story...
But yes, Ranger Timmy we know how to use a toilet and don't carry loaded guns.

Saw island foxes!Not one, but two!
And not very timid, but quite curious.
And knew it was behind a fence...

Did I mention we were the only boat in the anchorage?Well at least until dusk...
And the hoardes came in the next day.

And the next day?
We did a toast to Delaina and Stavros on their one year wedding anniversary!Any excuse, right?

More fishing!
More catching!
More blood in the dinghy!
More cleaning!
More slime and goo on the deck!
More fish.

Dave and Cherryl came out on their boat, so dinner on "Meerkat.
A really late dinner...
I think we set a record ~ 10 pm or some horrid time?

Pictures with the cousins.

More hiking.
Well... we had to get cell service somehow!

Absolutely beautiful, flat calm fog crap overcast sick of our weather with awesome views out over the channel!Another great weekend.
Great fun.
Great guests.
Great time.
Love my cousins!


judith said...

I want your weekends. And a set of glasses like yours too.

Anonymous said...

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Jomamma - I bought the glasses in La Paz about a year and a half ago - my big splurge before we left LP to go cruising. They are really thick so good to have on the boat.
You can come share my weekends? We ended up doing another trip the next weekend (two in a row with guests) so kind of wiped this weekend.

judith said...

I remember when you got those. I have been having all my Mexican friends look for them when they go back down to visit. None have seen any yet. Becareful... you never know when I may just show up on your boat dock ready to set sail.