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Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally on The Water!

This "winter" or "wind season" as I am now going to call it, seems to have finally broke.
Now it's June Gloom.
And drippy.
But I will take it over 30+ knots of wind.

So a day sail was in order.
But let's do it on someone else's boat.
You know, one that is easier to rig and actually un-tie from a dock?
First you have to talk your friends into driving several hours to bring the boat.
Then step the mast and rig it.
Susan and I managed to sneak away and let the guys to this...
Then put it in the water.
Once again we snuck away!
Then remember how the running back stays are supposed to be rigged.
I was there for this, but Susan...?

Then sail.

And watch our friends sail by.
And smile.


Suzie said...

I am sorry, but Alan is not smiling - he is laughing his head off! Good for him!!

webdesign Berlin said...

loved the boat