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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boatyard Basics 101

Ok, I understand why this is in the boatyard.

And I understand why this is in the boatyard.

This too, I understand.

And I sorta understand this one.But I do not understand this.Is this for Boatyard Basics 101?
Sanding & Bottom Prep B?
Advanced Painting & Spraying Techniques?
Blocking Basics?
Mast Unstepping & Stepping for College Preparation?
Gelcoat Generics?


Elizabeth said...

haha! boatyards are probably like hillbilly front yards where anything goes.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Perhaps it brings back nice childhood memories. Like all the times you'd lift the top up to get something for the next lesson and instead you'd use the straw you lifted from the lunchroom to shoot a spitwad at someone? Yeah, good times!

Seven C's said...

Well, the kids still need someplace to do their schoolwork while the boat is being worked on, right?
Much better than sitting on the ground doing their math!
But wait - now that I think of it, I think our five (we homeschool) would rather sit on the ground to do their schoolwork! :)