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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Boat "Shinola" "Shining Star" Arrives!

From Columbia 50' to Hershine 41'.
It's the natural progression.
Sailboat to trawler.
But for some of us, there is a catamaran in the equation.
For Dave and Cherryl, "Shining Star"!
Even though we named it "Shinola"...
And if you think about it real hard, you may be able to guess what we named their dinghy!

They just had to have the word shine (stemming from Hershine) in there somewhere.

So on a nice Saturday in the neighborhood, one finally free from rain and wind, we went on a trawler ride from Channel Islands Harbor to Ventura Harbor.

Dave drove.
We sat.
Boys had beer.
Girls talked.
Dolphins swam at the bow.
Smooth ride.
Entered Ventura Harbor.
Went to pump out station.
Waved at Randy.
Waved at some chick Brian's dating.
Champagne was brought over, but we skipped it because we had to do the five car shuttle between harbors.

So in true new boat fashion, an evening party and celebration transpired.
Including the awesome cake decorating skills of omg, what happened to this? no one...Really, this originally said:
"Congrats Dave & Cherryah forget it"

Finally had that champagne.

A dozen people over.
Congrats card to Cherryl and Daveyboy from the crap cake decorater me and Jimmylee.With persistant precision petting, Bella got the stupid cat to understand this was the cat's new home.
Poor brainless cat had been living at Island Packers office the last month or so.

Relaxed on the recliners.Yes, recliners.
Now the sailboat to trawler transition make sense, doesn't it?


"Seattle" Heather said...

The recliners ahh yes yet another reason why I like power over sails...I'm just a spoiled brat. Did it come with a dishwasher? LMAO!!

Lucy Coltrane said...

I was never a recliner girl, but damn I love the one I have now. Our "trawler" (if ever) would have to have recliners, d/w, clothes washer and dryer, satellite TV, and internet, not to mention the king size bed...gotta have space for our two fur balls. Yes, yes, we have become very spoiled and not apologizing for it ever. We miss the adventure and socializing of boating, but dang we like our creature comforts. Does this mean we're getting older...yes, but it also means we're getting smarter - I think...maybe.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

SeaHeather - Cherryl is an awesome dishwasher, so yes.

Well Miss Lucy, they do have a clothes washer on that boat. I have a clothes washer / dryer combo on my boat. I am the dishwasher, but Jim does his fair share. We have an antenna and get a few tv stations, we have internet, we have two queen size bunks, but no darn recliners... dang. Knew we were forgetting something!