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Monday, July 19, 2010

Jellybanks with Big Bad Bob & Stan The Man

Big Bad Bob Burney was out from Texas for two weeks of working.
Two weeks of work?
So we kidnapped him for the weekend.
I snuck out of The Dirt Pit at 3:00.
Engines on.
All docklines off except a couple.
Fenders up for the most part.
Boat is ready.
Jim is ready.
Stan is ready.
I am ready.
Where the hell is Bob?

Off we go around 3:30 or 4:00 or some windy time.
Put a double reef in the main outside the harbor as there was already wind.
We started heading for Prisoners and slopped and banged along.
Had the headsail out and was doing ok, but just ok, due to a filthy boat bottom.
Called "Shinola" "Shining Star" to see how they were slopping along and a quick decision was made to fall off and head for Yellowbanks.

Heard a "clink, clink, clink" coming from inside and found an open bottle of red wine, cork out, rolling across the counter.
Red wine all over the counter.
Under the microwave, under the toaster, all over the flashlight collection, down the wall, on the steps, on the carpet, on the Mexican rug.
Oh yay!
Burgandy walls!
So half-assed cleaned it up, as we were really slamming and bouncing around.
Barely missed the can at Platform Gilda. Grace?
One of those G names.

The lee of the island!
Warm, calm, flat.
In and anchored at Hungryman's Gulch.
Time for a beer (considering my wine was dried on the wall by this time).
Lucky for me, there is a wine stash.
Made an awesome dinner of Jim's homemade spaghetti and had a beautiful smooth night.
Complete with a satellite locating contest.
I was given 4 points for washing dishes, so tied with Jim & Stan.
Bob sucked at 0.

Ok, next day.
Windy out in the channel again, so let's just move over to Yellowbanks and enjoy the sun and lack of honking winds.
Did that exactly.
Here is Stan and Bob enjoying.Cherryl & I kayaked.

We had mojitos.
Mr. Bill included.

We watched a dead, stinky, bloated up sea lion drift right onto us and avoided the slick of slimy dead, stinky, bloated up sea lion along our hull and anchor chain by Jim's quick manuvering of the boat.
Yay for two engines.
Yay for watching.
Yay for Jim's driving capabilities.This boat, who we shall re-name "Duh" wasn't so lucky.
Or smart.
Or something.The dead, stinky, bloated up sea lion pretty much slid on alongside their anchor chain.
But then caught a current and headed on out to sea.

Uh, what else?
Stan caught a mini-fish and fed it to Cherryl's cat, Scuppers.Who then threw it up all over Cherryl's brand new comforter.

Dinner on "Shining Star" with "Delinquent Sea" joining us.
Jokes, fun, conversation, do you know so & so, blah, blah, blah.
Back to "Meerkat" for sleep.

Next day.
The guys went fishing.
I made a huge breakfast.
Took a nap.
Enjoyed the incredible water color of Yellowbanks.Didn't want to go home.
But did.

Had a nice sail with headsail alone for awhile.
Missed the can at the oilrig at a much greater distance.
No fish.
And I parked the boat again.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Besides the red wine spill, sounds like lots of fun was had by all!

judith said...

I'm going to call my brother to find out about some coaster/koozie/beverage holders he got in St.John. He uses them on his boat. They slide onto a can or bottle and then cause a suction cup like action when you set the whole thing down on a counter or flat surface. They had a beer can stuck to the mirror behind the bar. If I remember correctly they had them for wine bottles too. I'll let you know.

Hope you guys avoid hanging out with SV Duh aka SV Stinky.

Margarita Mirasol said...

Fab post! Made me larf.