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If you found this blog via a link from a cruising site ~ we did cruise Mexico on our Ocean 49 cat for a season. See the first text box on the right for links to our preparations, trip down Baja, life in Mexico, cruising and trip back up to SoCal. Unfortunately we are back to the grind in the USA...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weather Reports Just Think They Outweigh Fortunes

Well, with 35+ knots predicted where we wanted to go, we went to Plan B instead.
Skip the islands for now.
Wait for better weather.
Drive to San Diego and spend a few days with my cousins who are here from Illinois.
We had Jim's adventure (going to Stone Brewing Company).
And we both had three days of awesome vacation.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Well that's what counts - just having fun and being safe!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Well you two are our inspiration for "just having fun"! Because that is ALL you do! ♥

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