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Monday, September 13, 2010

Willows ~ Labor Day, 2010

A three day weekend!
So off to the islands we went.
On a Friday afternoon.
I didn't mind the fog, but I did mind the 25 knots we got just past the rigs.
Broken eggs all down the stairs
Huge, loud BANG!
Uh oh......
What this time?
We blew out our first reef line, which took out a few of the lazyjack lines that were attached to our sailbag.
And the main did not want to come down.
So Jim had to go up on the cabintop and pull it down, with me driving into the wind and the jib hitting him in the back.
We were doing about 10 knots too, so it was a bummer to lose some of our speed.
But it was GREAT when we got into the lee of the island.
Ahhh... the smell of the island.
Two hours from entrance to the point!

Hora feliz with Mike & Wendy from "Bodi".
Spent one night anchored in the calm of Yellowbanks, then headed up the backside towards Willows with "Shining Star" following and "Sweet Lorraine" leaving Albert's to follow.

Dinghy cruise.
Dave & Kellie.
Secluded beaches.
Jim & Jean.
Dave & Cherryl.
Two Jims.
Two Daves.
Bocci ball on the beach!

Rolly nights.
"Shining Star" moved into the inner anchorage.
"Sweet Lorraine" came over for happy hours.
Dinner on "Shining Star".
Dinner on "Meerkat.

A driveby of "Carlina".
Dolphins on the way home.
Calm, just amazingly calm on Monday.

A nine day trip ~ hopefully making it to San Miguel and Santa Rosa!

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