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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awwww... Our Favorite Dog...

Everyone repeat after us:
Well, everyone who knew Cruiser can say awwwwwwwww...
To clarify: "Toshal" Cruiser, Alan and Susan's dog, not "Lovely Reta" Cruiser, John and Debby's dog.
Well, we can all say awwwwww about him too.
But her?
Awwwwww... "her" was our favorite.Our little buddy dog friend for 13 years.Hikes.
Liking our plates and pans clean.
Weeks on "Thistle".
Her own hull on "Meerkat".
Hanging on "Toshal".
Taking over "Star Song" and sending Star Song's cat to "Toshal".
Dinghy rides.
People food.
Bandanas around her neck.
Bandanas often used as her leash.
More swims.
Waiting for the word "ok" to jump off of the dinghy.
La Paz.
Sea of Cortez.
Newport Beach.
Sitting in the baby chair in the back of the car.
Sneaking her into the v-berth to sleep.
Swimming alongside my kayak.

What a great dog.
Our little dog buddy.

In doggy heaven.


judith said...

Awww, what a sweet doggie!

MxSailor said...

Awwww, doggone it. We lost our Sophie (at 12 years, 9 months) back in November. We know the pain and loss. She was a great boat dog, too. They live in our hearts forever.

Adam and Nicole Jordan said...

We have a very mellow yorkie aboard. He loves sailing! Looks like your dog has had some awesome adventures, it's nice he let's you tag along. ;-)

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