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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update on There Is No "Question of Sanity Balance"

Our next door neighbor is the local Vessel Assist.
So we get to hear all the dirt stories of groundings, rescues, sinkings and stupidities.
Seriously, don't do something stupid off the coast of "here" or we will hear about it.
Laugh about it.
Cause you know we never do anything stupid...

It appears our grumpy, dirty, hasn't washed his one and only sweatshirt in 8 weeks, deaf old man on his way to the Marquesas is no longer on his way to the Marquesas.

He's been "rescued"...Somewhere off the coast between Catalina Island and San Clemente or San Diego or some San place, "A Question of Sanity Balance" hailed Vessel Assist for fuel.
Uh... uh oh.
They do sell fuel at Catalina.
We actually forgot to fuel up once at Catalina and ran out on the backside of Anacapa...
Ok, so I take that "Cause we never do anything stupid" line back.

So our local Vessel Assist neighbor hears the VA side of the vhf call and calls VA South to explain the deafness, the cluelessness and the old dirty, grumpy man situation.
Apparently they take him fuel, however he is disoriented, not sure where he came from and cannot tell them when he left.
So VA calls CG.
Yes, the US Coast Guard.
Who then tows him to San Diego.

End of story.
Because we don't want to get involved and inherit him back.

Except we wish San Diego patience.
And the ability to repeat what they say.
The ability to repeat several times.
Each time more loudly.
With patience.
Endless patience.

An no sense of smell.
Remember he doesn't shower often.
Or wash his clothes or dog.
Yep, patience and no sense of smell.


judith said...

That kinda makes me sad. 1) He's so old, what will become of him? Will he become the victim of pirates? 2) Will San Diego survive and have enough germ gel?

Mark C said...


Rescued again