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Friday, April 8, 2011

Santa Elena Fun

Santa Elena and Monteverde are basically the same thing.
At the top of a really long, nasty, skinny gravel road.
Santa Elena is the town (all 2 blocks of it) to the North / NorthWest - eh some direction.
And Monteverde is really the area.
And the cool reserve with huge leaves and trees.
Santa Elena has a grocery store!
With wine!
Fresh bread!
Monteverde Cheese Factory Cheese!
Snickers Bars!
And all of this in walking distance from the hotel!
Oh and an ice chest!
Ice too!
Needless to say we went into the grocery store a few times.
Once I even heard someone yell out "Heather".
Figured I was hearing things.
Jim said, "Yeah, you think you heard your name and know someone here".
So I looked around and there was Freddy from The Sloth Sanctuary waving.
At me.

Uh, what else.
Got the tire changed for...
Get this ~ $1.50 US!
Yes, one dollar and fifty cents. Did I mention that I really love Costa Rica?

Enjoyed killer dinners at El Marquez and Restaurant El Sabor.

Enjoyed the butterfly gardens!

The flowers!

Absolutely beautiful!
We enjoyed the monkey show outside our breakfast room.

But didn't really enjoy the monkey show on top of our roof at 3 am...

Critters skittering around.
Dropping things.
Laughing at the humans below.
Dropping more things.
Skittering some more.
Roosters crowing.

And we enjoyed our makeshift bar...

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