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Saturday, May 7, 2011

And on to Arenal!

Well the boots on the fan trick worked.
I was able to put dry boots on to protect my sprained ankle.
Yay for Jim's creativity.
And now off to Arenal!
Volcano #2 on the list.
A wise decision was to drive down the hill to the highway and avoid as many sharp pointy gravel roads as possible.
Remember, we had no spare tire...
Or any good tires for that matter.

Stopped at Cafe Macadamia and Lucky Bug for snacks and shopping.
And bird viewing.
And internet.

And then the huge disappointment of the trip...
Our favorite gift shop from our prior time in CR, Toad Hall was boarded up and closed!
With squatters squatting in the breezeway.

Still raining with no signs of it letting up, so selected a hotel based upon it's 14 thermal pools.
Arenal Paraiso Hotel & Resort!
What else are you going to do in the rain?
Sit in thermal pools!
Oh yay.
Works for me.

But first ~ supplies, shopping and lunch!
It to La Fortuna for all of the above, including this feast.
Ok, food!
Giant bugs!
Giant bugs?
Aaaaggghhhh back to the foo foo hotel.
With the incredible thermal pools.
Beautiful ceilings.
Did I mention the thermal pools?
Laundry service.
And a sloth in a tree!

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