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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Commercial Break

Once again, time to interrupt this boring, tedious, too long with too many pictures and details re-cap of vacation heaven for something.
No rescues at sea this time.
Well, except for Ed getting airlifted off of "Blue Max" a few weeks ago, but really we aren't going to talk about that!
This time it's a commercial!
"Thistle" is for sale again!
I'm sorry, but did I read that price right?
I did?
Holy crap.
I'm very curious as to what he did with the boat.
Did he rip out the interior and re-do it?
Install a new engine?
New mainsail?
Replace the countertops?
New cushions and mattresses?
He better not have taken out that table Ron Whately made us... grrrrrrrrrrr.
Install 24k gold faucets?
Really, what?


judith said...

It's kind of like the house across the street from us. They can ask that, but until they actually get it, we know what it's worth. And we've seen what they did to the inside and it's still not as good as ours.

Margarita Mirasol said...

Wow! It's like the sistership to my boat, with wooden masts, plywood interior, going for 65,000 down in NZ, which is more than twice what I paid for mine, albeit I wouldn't sell mine for anything less than three times the price I paid for it, cos, you know, boats are just the best thing to have in one's empire inventory.