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If you found this blog via a link from a cruising site ~ we did cruise Mexico on our Ocean 49 cat for a season. See the first text box on the right for links to our preparations, trip down Baja, life in Mexico, cruising and trip back up to SoCal. Unfortunately we are back to the grind in the USA...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Guavi" arrives in Cabo San Lucas and gets parts!

"Guavi" arrived in Cabo San Lucas yesterday, March 26th. Found a slip and started paying a hundred and a quarter a day (yikes reminds me of Ft. Lauderdale)! The guys took naps, took showers and made phone & skype calls. John Donnell (Jim's brother who lives in La Paz) and Alan (the next crew member) found the motor mounts somehow and somewhere in La Paz and hand delivered them today! Stan-the-man installed (I could have some of this wrong - I'm sure the others would have helped) and all is well! Jim made his famous burgers for dinner, so I'm sure the four of them are happy. Stan flys home tomorrow so he can join his son, Colin on a fishing trip. They will do a few other things and wait for weather. It's blowing from 25-45 knots in the Ventura Harbor right now (yuk, even our 49' catamaran is moving all over and slamming into the dock). They heard of a boat 40 miles North of Bahia Santa Maria that is getting 40 knots as well. So sounds like the wind is headed their way.
Next stop Puerto Vallarta!


Unknown said...

what happened to the motor mounts ?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

They broke one along the way - not sure how or when, however. Stan did a temp fix on the way down Baja. Who are you?