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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deck Deck Deck Goose

So our every-other weekend going to the islands is pretty much on schedule.
I think.
We had an off weekend, so finally kept our promise to Margi and headed to her house to stain her decks.
Jim, being a painter forever needed to be there to prep and direct us.
He went up Friday morning and I headed up after work.
Food and drinks were needed to get us through the first night.Huge steaks, rosemary potatoes and salad with fresh dressing.
We never go hungry at Margi's...

In less than 24 hours, we cleaned, prepped and stained deck #1, off her dining area.

Deck #2, at her front door.And deck #3, off her bedroom door.We also managed to enjoy her flowers.

Eat three more meals.
Torment her dog.
Sit in the hot tub with wine in the afternoon.
Watch most of War of The Worlds and are now forever afraid of tripods.
Catch up with each other.
View some pics.
Clean up our mess.
Put most of the plants back on the decks.
Even shower.This weekend?

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