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Monday, June 28, 2010

Leftover Lump, Willows, South Swell, Scorpion & One Barracuda

That pretty much describes the weekend.
We really wanted to go out Friday afternoon and I was even lucky enough to sneak out of the dirt pit office at 3:00 pm.
To wind.
Snuck out to wind.
It didn't look too bad from the pier at the yard but didn't look too good on the buoy reports.
Five feet at five seconds.
Sounded like the waves were stacked on top of each other.
A wise choice was made to wait until morning.
If you call 4 am morning...
Out of the slip and at the lumpy entrance by 4:30 am.
We had a bright full moon and an incredibly neon blue phosphorescence show.
Dual trails of iridescent blue followed the boat.
Splashes of neon blue lit the surface of the water surrounding us.
Due to the leftover lump...
Every lump lit up.
Bright, neon blue.
Beautiful but ugly at the same time.
Ugly enough for me to "allow" Stan and Jim to be in charge and me to go back to my bunk.
For the next couple of bouncing, slamming hours.Well, it got good after an hour and a half or so, but since I was drifting in and out I wasn't really counting.

Motored up the backside to Willows ~ a favorite!And we were the only boat there!
But we were tired...
Got up way too early.
So read, napped, ate.
Stan and Jim went halibut trolling in the dinghy.
I read.
They came back.
I read.
Then we watched the wind circle around.Read some more.
Had a glass of vino.Watched the south swell start up.Remember those two hurricanes off of Mexico?
It always amazes me that the swell can be felt 1000 miles away...
BBQ'd tri tips and made awesome garlic mashed potatoes.
And went to bed before it was even dark...

Woke up to a few big swells coming in from the South.
Ok, time to get OUT of here as the rocks were looking really close.
Then the seaweed fight began.
Armed with knives teeth and brawn, Stan and Jim fought with the largest kelp monster entanglement around the anchor chain.
Lots of that crap seaweed slid past them into the anchor locker.
Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm.
Guess what the boat then smelled like?
Then in trying to feed the crew, I intermingled the lovely smell of bacon with the seaweed stench.
Now the boat was smelling really great!
So bacon, eggs, bagels and seaweed for our motor down the backside.
And a minke whale sighting!Did some fishing and reading (me) on the way and dishes too ~ I did dishes! ~ and ended up anchored at Scorpion for a few hours.
Except for the 250 hikers and kayakers dropped off by Island Packers for the day - hey IPCO, where the hell is my ice cream?
I kayaked around the bay and enjoyed a beer.
Tecate in a can ~ yeehaw.

Time to head home.
Jim had thresher shark on the brain again, so we pulled out the headsail and left the main down.
Yep ~ blame it on him wanting to thresher shark fish, not being lazy!
Actually we learned last time, when we hooked one and had to drop the main in a hurry.
No sharks, but one slimy barracuda!

Doesn't my drawing look just like that fish?

Lots of dolphins.
Swimming with the bows.Feeding and jumping.
Frolicking and doing whatever dolphins do.

Back into the harbor, where I parked the boat!


judith said...

I want to come sail with you! All that on one trip, wow! I'll teach you to knit so you don't have to read so much AND I'll do the dishes so you don't have to stop knitting.

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Always an adventure! Congrats on parking that big boat - that is an accomplishment!