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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prisoners with "Vela"

No, we were not "Prisoners" with Vela, but went to Prisoners with "Vela".
The usual spot.
The eel grass gone rampant.
Halibut fishing with no halibut to be seen.
The pier.
The dinghy dock.
The hike to the guard shack, which isn't really a guard shack but what the hell else do you call it?...

The awesome view.

The traditional dork pictures on the guard shack steps...
Sea lions.
No whales.
Dinghy cruise to Pelicans.
Blah, blah, blah.

"Vela" was one of our Baja Bash Buddy Boats.
Try saying that fast three times.
Heidi & Aaron were on the bash and once again joined Chris for the trip from Ventura to San Francisco.
Cecil was just getting used to the whole idea.
And barfing a little...So anyway, nice trip out.
Dolpins the entire way.
First boat to the anchorage.
First to go halibut fishing.
First to come back without halibut.
First to make the offer of "want us to take your trash in?" and "Vela" gave us Aaron's dad.
New nickname for him: "White Trash".
He seemed to like it.
Of course why not ~ he got to spend two nights with us in a queen bunk and not have to curl himself around the dinette on "Vela".
What's not to like?
Don't answer that!

Plants that should have been in Avatar."Vela" and "Meerkat" anchored next to each other ~ a first since Cabo San Pucas Lucas!Watched the newlyweds be newlyweds.Saw dead things that made pretty patterns.Uh, what else?
Oh yeah...
Dinner on "Vela".
Yeah, dinner on "Vela".
Hot dogs in a piece of bread, wrapped in a tortilla with chili on it.
I think it was a Chris invention for underway chili dogs.

A kergillion stars.
More halibut-less fishing in the morning.
Giant breakfast prepared for me for Jim and the white trash Aaron's dad, the other Jim.
Motorsail back in.
Stopped half way to thresher shark fish.
And caught ONE!
But between turning the engines on, turning into the wind, dropping the main and panicking it jumped and got off.
Good thing.
Jim said it was huge.
Way huge.
We'd probably still be out there fighting it.

Once again, all good!

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