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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"E Ticket Ride" to Bahia Magdalena!

That was fun!
We pulled anchor at 6 am yesterday, put a 2nd reef in the main and motored around the arch at "Land's End".
That part was nice and fun.
It was fun to leave Cabo San Pucas Lucas.
The part that wasn't so nice and fun followed.
For many hours.
Cabo Falso is the windy, lumpy, bumpy and sloppy point where the Pacific curves around into the Sea.
It was windy, lumpy, bumpy and sloppy for about 20 miles.
Then it calmed down and got relatively comfortable during the day for the most part.
Luckily I had leftover chicken to make sandwiches out of...
It got windy and sloppy and lumpy and bumpy once again at night.
More fun.
The guys did three hour watches and I got bounced out of bed, yes, even in the aft bunk.
I can't even imagine how Stan felt in the "Florida Room" ~ the starboard v-berth.
It must have been an "E Ticket Ride" for him...
It took us 24 hours from entrance to entrance, which we felt was amazing time!
In to Man-o-war Cove and anchored sometime a little later.
Gregorio, the Port Captain came out to greet us, check us in and take our diesel order.
I made a great breakfast of lemon-poppyseed muffins, bacon and scrambled eggs to make up for the lack of me pulling a watch.
Seemed to work.
Projects, naps, cleaning, putting the boat back together.
The guys worked on the starboard engine a little.
Stan and I sewed up a couple of places in the bimini that needed repair.
We fixed (quite poorly) the Mexican flag once again, trying to get it to last the next few weeks.
Checked weather.
Now discussing what to do ~ leave for Santa Maria?
San Juanico?
Straight shot to Turtle Bay?
There is a tropical depression brewing below us, so just not sure what the next step or stop is...
Oh gee...
Be careful what you wish for...
Remember I wanted a Southerly?


Anonymous said...


How are you getting internet from there?


judith said...

We need action pictures. We crave action pictures, the sea spray, the waves crashing, you crawling back up on the bed.

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Happy to hear that you made it safely, but sorry to hear that it was so bumpy/lumpy. We have been keeping an eye on the depression. Please be safe!