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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Bashing Stuff is Easy...

Oh wait, that is because we are motoring down the inside of Baja.
We haven't started the trip up the outside yet...
And here I was thinking how easy this was.

So, YES, we made it out of the marina and only had one tiny glitch...
Jim's brother left his cell phone on our boat and we didn't notice it until we were a mile or so down the channel.
But Dave on "Sweet Lorraine" came to the rescue in his dinghy and grabbed the phone.

We were all a little tired today after a little too much fun with John (Jim's bro) and Dave & Kellie last night.
Motored out and around through the San Lorenzo Channel and down the Cerralvo Channel, with little wind and ONE DORADO caught!
Saw a few others jumping, but only caught one...

We are now at anchor in the beautiful bay of Muertos, along with "Capricorn Cat" and another boat who will be "motorsailing North with a Southerly component".
Now we sit and wait for weather.
We may be here for awhile...
The weather on the outside is supposed to be blowing through the weekend.
Oh joy.
So our jello plans are to stay here a couple nights, head to Los Frailes the to San Jose del Cabo.
We may anchor out at Cabo San Pucas for one night, to get an early or in the dark start around Cabo Falso.

Ok, time to go jump into the 86.7 degree water again!!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. These nothing as startling as making the righthand turn at cabo and freezing your ass off.

Look forward to seeing you up here.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Gee thanks Eric. That a lovely thought to hold on. Ya wanna fly down and I will take your return ticket? ;)

Anonymous said...

If I had a little more vacation I'd take you up on the offer. Bashing up the outside is more exciting than working.