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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ok, Now I "Get" Cabo San Lucas...

I get it!
I understand it!
I now know why it is here.
With it's 257 jet skis using our boat as a turning pin.
With it's 14 parasail boats circling the anchorage.
With it's 5,987 glass bottom water taxis consistantly coming closer with each pass.
With it's 2,368 hawkers trying to sell us a fishing charter trip.
With it's 58 hawkers trying to sell us a day of golfing for $1.00 US $350 US.
With it's 6,321 hawkers trying to get us into their restaurants.
With it's 64 hawkers trying to sell us a massage.
With it's 857 signs advertising 5 beers with chips and salsa for $10 US.
Ok, I get it already!


Behan said...

oh man, do I understand! when we pulled into the harbor last November, we expected to stay a few days. just *getting* to the fuel dock (dodging all those jet skiers, water taxis, megayachts deciding to spin their boats in the micro-basin) was enough of an adventure, we couldn't get outta there fast enough. can only imagine what adding hawkers and sunburnt hordes would do to my brain!

Anonymous said...

Gary (KN6RM) says Hi. He showed me http://www.stormsurf.com/locals/cabo.shtml which you probably already know about. It doesn't look like a wx window is going to open up for 7 days. Bouyweather (http://www.buoyweather.com/wxnav6.jsp?region=BA&program=Maps) concurs.

Hang in there, you might want to head back to frailes for a few days.

Good Luck!


Markitos said...

Hi guys. Yea Yuck no thanks. Cabo is kinda like a WALLMART in Santa Ana. you can get anything you want....ya just dont "want" anything

1st Mate said...

My feelings about Cabo San Lucas exactly! That was the first town where I got off the boat when we went down to Mexico with the '97 Baja Ha Ha, and what an awful first impression! It sounds like it's only gotten worse.