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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mini Vacay in Carpinteria

An absolutely beautiful weekend in SoCal!
79 degrees outside.
Sun is shining.
Not too windy.
Islands look like you could swim to them.

So since Marvin flaked on getting his cabin ready for this weekend, we went to Plan B instead.
Plan B was to inundate Cherryl's brother's house in Carpinteria.
So we did.
And only 19.9 miles away!
Makes for a nice mini-vacay!

We biked around town.
Had a cocktail.
Made a few un-necessary purchases in a cool store with stuff from Bali.
Bill and Julie came to assist in the inundating.
BBQ'd steaks.
Steamed giant king crab legs.
Made a salad.
Had a glass of wine or four.
Baked potatoes.
Ate like pigs kings.
Thawed some chocolatey pie thing.
Told stories.
Stayed up too late.
Slept great in one of their three guest rooms.
Walked to breakfast today.
Walked around town.
Walked down the beach.
Exhausted from too much fun the night before...
Found a geocache.
Played with the chickens.
As well you can "play" with chickens...
Drove the 19.9 miles along the coast back home.
Saw dolphins in the waves.
Just beautiful!


Behan said...

sounds like a lovely vacation! you know, that week in / week out thing... it's harder to have adventures trip you up (or fling themselves at you) with the routine of a work week schedule dominating waking hours. honestly, though, if anyone can find the quirky fun in the every day (not to mention more than a few adventures), you can and do! don't think about the old la paz posts too much.

Suzie said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I did most all my Christmas Shopping! Kirby watched football. And - we went to an Oyster Roast. Still amazes me that we have a Life here! Miss and love you guys!

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Sounds like a wonderful time - as always!