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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week In Week Out

We had a GREAT dinner and time on Friday night celebrating Jim's birthday.
Excellent food and drink at Aloha.
Of course Cherryl knew our waitress...
But I knew the owner!

Our brand new computer's card reader croaked.
So there went the birthday pics...
In trying several times to load I went the alternate route of re-formatting the discs, thinking it might just be the camera.
So no birthday pics.
Alternate route No. 3 meant purchasing a card reader usb thingy.
The thingy works, so at least my camera was not the problem!

Last week the computers at work croaked.
Computer Croaking Virus.
Must be going around.

We really did have a great weekend!
Spent Saturday poking around a few stores.
Somehow ended up with new hiking boots and sunglasses for me.
Nothing for Jim.
It was his birthday weekend, wasn't it?

And went and said "hi" to all the dogs at the animal shelter.
And said "hola" to the 97 pit bulls behind bars...
Spay your dogs!

Uh what else?
Watched some movies.
Did some cleaning.
Tossed bags of crap away and piled up some things for the thrift stores.
I so want to lighten this boat up!

Last night I spent about a half an hour reading some of my old posts from two years ago.
You remember, La Paz Life?
I forgot I had so much fun...

It's Sunday night, then the next thing I know it's Thursday night.
Get up, go to work, come home, do a load of laundry, make dinner, wash dishes, go to bed.
Then it's a year later.
We seem to do a lot of things.
Take a lot of mini-vacays.
Have a lot of visitors.
Just nothing to post on a daily basis.
Week in.
Week out.
Did I invent those lazy, but interesting La Paz days?
Did they really happen?
Did I really have something to post on here so often?
Was it sheer boredom?
Or was I really finding something interesting each day?
Something beautiful.
Something funny.
Something to talk about.
Maybe it was just different.
Different than the get up, go to work, come home, do a load of laundry, make dinner, wash dishes, go to bed thing that we all working and living in the US seem to do.
Week in.
Week out.

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judith said...

Your life is still more interesting than mine.