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Monday, November 12, 2007

Visit with Jon Tisler!

Another good friend from my "Port Hueneme condo and volleyball on the beach days", Jon Tisler came for a visit!

He used to be roommates with Chuck (who visited us the beginning of June) and Mike. Then Mike was my roommate.
The four of us (pre-Jim) were pretty much always together.

Jon now lives in Pensacola, FL - hadn't seen him for at least 4 years! And he hadn't changed a bit!
Still goofy...
(remember, this is after Halloween...)!

We had a great visit!
It was wonderful to catch up with him and spend hours listening to his crazy stories! We called Chuck and surprised him - they hadn't talked to each other since Jim & I got married - 12 YEARS AGO!

I think he enjoyed seeing "Meerkat" and spending a night here.
He said he slept great.

Here he is pretending to do something boaty...

Hopefully it's not another 4 years til we see him again!