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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today I...

drank Jim's coffee, because he is currently in Oregon with my mom.
My mom's sister is not doing well and is home from the hospital to live out her final days. I didn't feel right about taking off a week of work while being short-staffed and at the beginning of the month, so my awesome husband offered to take my mom up to see her sister one last time. So being that he is gone, I drank his coffee. On top of mine... Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Will let you know after I do it again tomorrow. Caffeine is good right?

had a good day at work.
I didn't evict anyone today, yell or smash the computer. That is all good right?

washed the top of my desk at the boatyard and found out it was brown.
Ugh. Boatyard dirt is everywhere. On the keyboard, calculator, each and every paperclip, me, the files, pens, work orders, Andy, daily calendar, phones, tape dispenser, Tina, did I mention me?

enjoyed a lunch at the Marina Operators Association meeting.
Pizza & salad supplied by Scott the harborale king, good info, awesome hard-working people and I knew most of them either directly, indirectly or in some weird small world way, like the guy sitting next to me happened to be the broker on the sale of our ex-boat "Thistle".

stopped while picking up my mail wasted trip, where the hell is that registration sticker for the truck aaaagggh... it's expiring on Sunday, good thing I walk to work for a few minutes to enjoy a beautiful cloud formation over the islands and ocean.
A beautiful cloud formation behind incredible trees. A beautiful view most people probably took for granted today or didn't take the time to stop even just for a moment.Reminds me of when our friend Chris was showing some people about a bazillion sunset pics on his computer and the people said something stupid like "Wow dude you sure have a lot of sunset pics" and Chris replied "And just how many sunsets have you seen this year?" Shut the people right up.

had to break a $100 bill so went to Trader Joe's before hitting the dollar store.
Ok, this does not happen often. Usually it's a $5 bill I am trying to break. So a few bottles of Old Moon Zin, gum, peanut butter cups and vitamins. All I need to sustain life.

saw a Pepto Bismol pink Corvette.
Seriously. This is not a joke. It was in front of me while turning into Trader Joe's. Then I saw it parked and the creature driver behind the wheel. While checking out at TJ's I saw the creature from the black lagoon no, the hooker lady? I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS!! Micro mini skirt with loads of pink and bright colors, way high shoes, bleached blonde strange curls with neon pink bows, jewelry over the top and Pepto Bismol pink eyeshadow for 2" over each eye. Was this a joke? Where is the candid camera? She was so absolutely 100% over the top made up and dressed so far out there I along with the rest of the TJ shoppers was in shock. I couldn't get myself together enough to get a picture with my phone and didn't feel quite right about taking a picture of her car. I mean to each his own right? But really, Pepto Bismol pink? What a way to ruin a good Corvette. Ugh. I needed Pepto Bismol after witnessing this... I still am getting the heebie jeebies.

had leftover spaghetti squash for dinner.
The one thing good about my husband being gone is that I can eat whatever I want for dinner! No Irish dinners! No meat! No potatoes! Popcorn! Pasta salad! Ice cream! Grilled veggies only! Wine and chocolate! Whatever!

was happy it is not going to rain until tomorrow after work.
Ok, this is just plain weird. I have never had a job that I wanted it to rain on the weekend instead of during the week. Hard to paint boat butts bottoms while it is raining. And I so want business to be good right now!

watched a tiny bit of Olympics (more in a few minutes when I climb in bed), listened to my music and had a glass of Old Moon Zinfandel.

looked forward to a Friday night home alone.
Rain. Wind. Red wine. My music. A book. Ooohhh... let's not forget A BATH! Knowing that I can sleep in Saturday morning. Knowing my husband is doing a wonderful thing. Looking forward to having his coffee on top of mine on Saturday morning... Coming full circle.


Jennifer said...

I have seen that pink car! She is scarey!!

Suzie said...

Heather, you know, as you get older and see more people leave...you realize that each day is so precious and try to make each day count. I can see that that is exactly what you are doing. It is so cool...you KNOW what your day consisted of. It was an important day because of all those things you remember that were important or interesting. YOU HAVE GOT IT! YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT. The rest of us need to learn from you! I am your Groupie!