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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vacation All I Ever Wanted... Vacation Had to Get Away!

So between ending job #2 and going back to job #1, it was time for a 5 day / 4 night get-away.
Jim wanted to go someplace warm (South) and I wanted to go someplace lazy (North).
Due to job #1 being short-staffed we couldn't take a whole week off, so a quick trip North it was.
First day ~ Santa Ynez for meeting up with Mike & BBB for wine-tasting.
And finding a few geocaches.
Mike was the DD and somehow got the three of us to five wineries, with stops at their two rental houses for picking out carpet and showing one of the houses.
Amazing we crammed that all into one afternoon...
Not really any pics to show.

Except Danny Thomas the pig enjoying himself.
And wine.
He liked the wine.

So way too much fun on Saturday and Saturday night.
A hike was in order the next morning to wear off the alcohol enjoy the beautiful day!Good thing it was a flat road...
Explored a cool old cemetary and found a few more geocaches.

Always weird to see your birthday listed on a headstone...
Not the year ~ just the day!

Back to the house for a killer frittata made by Mike and trying to get Jesse the dog to show us her ugly teeth...

Over-stayed our welcome and got kicked out of their house.

Had a blast and were invited back anytime!

Next stop, Pismo Beach!
Took the two lane highway from Los Alamos to Pismo and stopped at the Monarch Butterfly party place.
But only saw a few butterflys...
Did see some flooded picnic areas though!And duck butts...

Stayed at The Dolphin Cove Motel again.
We had stayed here a few years back for my birthday.
Teeny tiny little rooms with miniture showers.
Totally unpretentious.
Awesome view of the water.
Perfect!Hit a bbq place we had eaten at a few years back too.
Danny Thomas got nervous...
Too much pork on the menu.

Walked the pier the next day and poked around.
Ugh... pigeons...

Now you see why we like this motel?

Then to Avila Beach for breakfast and a few wineries on the way to Cayucos.

Kelsey See.
Four Vines.
Harmony Cellars.

Found a really cool motel (cheap again!) with each room having it's own theme.
We got the "Get your kicks on Route 66" room.

Loved it.
Enjoyed dinner at a full-on diner.
A piece of pie the size of Texas.
Kinda gross now that I think about it.
Broke the blinds in the bathroom trying to shut the window.
Shower the size of a throw pillow.
Still good though.
Rain day.
Rain, rain, rain the next day.
Took a drive to Morro Bay and watched the surf.
And wet kids on a field trip.Watched the history channel.
Walked the town of Cayucos.
Walked on the pier.Watched surfers jump off of the pier.
Had a beer in the tavern.
Yes, it is an actual tavern.
Checked out the antique crap shops.
Jim got a haircut.
Shared a bottle of wine in the room.
Had an awesome dinner in town.
Jim had Hearst beef (from Hearst free range castle cattle) and I had a really spicy buffalo chicken salad.
More sleep.
Left money to buy new blinds in the motel room.
Drove home.
Wanted to stay for about a month a few more days.
Back to the grind.
Boatyard grind...


"Seattle" Heather said...

Sounds like a great vacation!

Jennifer said...

We need a vacation!! Jeremy has decided that he wants to go to Bora Bora.

judith said...

You have the best vacations. Jen, get him a sarong so he can practice wearing a man skirt.

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. We really miss the California wineries!

TT said...

nice blog.