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Friday, February 19, 2010

Vietnamese Wedding Receptions ROCK!

If you get invited to one ~ go!
You may eat a bunch of un-named weird rubbery fishy things, but you will have a good time.
Un-named weird rubbery fishy things called food and all.

But first if you are a female, you should probably go to the bridal shower party dinner thing.
At least go for the wine and cool wine glass.
So for a co-worker at job #2, I went.
Cool wine glass.
Great food!
But it always is at Ventura's Cafe Fiore.
Butternut squash ravioli... mmmmm.....!

And now for the other un-named weird rubbery fishy stuff food:Yeah, whatever.
The food was served family style with the courses that just kept coming.
Way fun!
Cool decorations!

Beautiful flowers!
Shark fin soup with crab or oily something.
Beautiful bride!
Nice groom (what do you expect me to say - it was the first time I had met him, and it was for all of 5.2 seconds).
Awesome pickled something or other.

And the nicest most friendly people I had shared a room with in ages!
Everyone was fun.
Full of life.
The young Vietnamese and Korean gang members kids at the table next to us shared their cognac, toasts, stories and laughter with us gringos, wait, what do they call us anyway? and seemed to enjoy us.
I think they were drunk.
I think they were tolerating us having as much fun with us as we were having with them!
Steamed bun things.
Lobster with about 950 cloves of garlic.
More weird food.
Another course of squid or something.
Octopus or something.
Rice dessert with brown goo on top.
Green cake that I still am not sure how to describe.
Not that it mattered, as I was full from 27 courses of food.
The best party time in eons.
We had a blast.
Vietnamese wedding receptions rock!


judith said...

I do believe that was the first Vietnamese wedding review I have ever read. I guess I figured their weddings were top secret. Glad you had a great time.

AngelChristine said...

...and a good time was had by all...kimchi???

Doug and Carla Scott said...

We have been to one of these - had a great time. Except... one of the Vietnamese gentlemen got me smashed on Brandy. Yuck!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah, that is kind of what happened to Jim... so we had the taxi cab driver take us through fast food drive thru on the way back to the hotel!