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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Week of Waking Up at 3 am

We may have well been getting up to do night watches and have gone somewhere.
All to watch this:kick Alighi's butts.
Thank you BMW ORACLE!
It started Monday morning a week ago.
Monday? Sunday? Maybe. I don't know some morning.
Up at 1:00 am to catch the start of the America's Cup being played out in Valencia, Spain.
I hate time differences.
Unless they are in my favor and I get an extra hour of vacation.
Up at 1:00 am to hear they delaying due to too much wind.
Jim stayed up til 5 am when they finally postponed period.
Fast forward to two mornings later.
Up at 3:00 am as they posted a delay the night before.
Thank you.
3 is not quite so horrifying as 1.
Unless you are talking about rats or cockroaches.
Postponement due to not enough wind.
Wimps ~ get out there and sail!
A few mornings later up at 3 am again.
And sat.
Finally the race started with hardly any wind.
But enough wind for these boats to do 15-20 knots!
And for USA / BMW Oracle to take race 1!
Worth getting up for now!

Ok two more mornings later.
Can't remember if it was getting easier or getting worse at this point...
Up again 3 am, but they don't start the race until about 7 am our time anyway!
Once again, hardly any wind, but enough for Alinghi's catamaran and Oracle's trimaran to do speeds of 15-20, 20 and OVER 30 knots!
Absolutely amazing.
Best part?
BMW ORACLE TAKES RACE TWO!Which means the America's Cup is coming back to America!
Way happy!
Way excited!
Way great way to start our Valentine's Day morning!

Ok, but now my rant.
After all of the spending, research, technology, designing, building, sail making, crew training, not to mention the court bullshit, flights, boats being carried across the Alps via helicopter they have a TWO OUT OF THREE REGATTA?
Seriously, two out of three?
Why not three out of five?
Five out of seven?

Oh, but then I would probably still be having to get up at 3 am...


"Seattle" Heather said...

You guys need to invent Boat Friendly Tivo.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It wasn't even on TV in the USA! We had to watch it on livestreaming on the Internet... A whole other rant I didn't go into. ESPN & Spain must have had a spat.

Elizabeth said...

I wouldn't get up at 3am for the second coming of Christ, let alone boat racing! ha ha

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

That is because Christ has already done his second coming in your neighborhood... in the form of lady bible thumper gangs!! Ha ha right back at ya big sis!