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Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Caregivers Sailathon" or "Let's See Who Can Come Closest to the Committee Boat Without Hitting It ~ Oops, Sorry Hit The Committee Boat"

This was supposed to be a Sailathon.
Do laps around a triangle, which consisted of a yellow racing mark and two boats.
A yellow triangle mark with a witch's hat tied to the top.
Andy & Tina's boat, "Carlina".
And our boat, "Meerkat".
This was not a race.
Let me repeat:
This was see how many times you can sail around the triangle and have your sponsers pay you per lap.
All for a good cause.
Ventura Caregivers.
Ok, so one more time everyone:
This was not a race!
Had some wind.
Then it died.
Boats were going backwards at the start.Boats were coming really close to the committee boat... our boat.
We requested a few boats turn their engines on to GET THE HELL AWAY from the committee boat... our boat.
Or just fend off.
Please, oh please see how close you can come to my home!
Really, we like it!

We tried to be the fun boat.Halloween decorations and all.Mojitos.
It was fun for awhile.
Until I had to yell, "Don't hit my boat!"And it didn't work.

And until "Sunspot" got dismasted.
First, looking good.Then un oh.Jim helped them get their headsail out of the water and their anchor down.

Ok, back to racing sailing laps.

All good.
Except the breakages...
And the holes.And now we have to haul out.
It looks bigger than it is, but hey, any sympathy??

Money was raised.
Pierpont Bay Yacht Club was inundated.
Kenneth Crawford wines were tasted.
71 Palm mac & cheese was devoured.
Raffle prizes were won.
Awards for racing most laps were given.
War Stories were told.
Anchors Way's employees were exhausted.
Desserts from Savory Cafe disappeared.
Again, money was raised!


judith said...

Shat, they hit your boat!

Dryfeet said...

So who pays for that little 'owie'? Hopefully, he/she who hit you???

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Jomamma, yes - only I used another word after it happened. About 75 times...
Yes, the person who hit us will pay. Well actually his insurance will pay. Unfortunately, looks like we will have to haul out to avoid any dust and debris in the water. And to haul out, means have to go to the competitor boatyard. That little pink part in the hole? That's not our boat. That's the other guy's boat... He left a piece of his boat behind...
PS Dryfeet - who are you?

"Seattle" Heather said...

Watching other boaters is sometimes entertaining. However this last time we were at Langley rafted up at the dock next to this million dollar yacht because there was no room left. It was interesting to watch the "Hot Heads" motor in thinking they would get a slip only to find there was nothing. It's such a tiny marina that you have to back out. Well, we were on the outside and this guy comes roaring in heavy on the throttle and I had to yell at him, "Don't hit my boat!" His wife stood there not saying a word. So of course when he still wasn't paying attention where his aft was going towards my swimdeck, I called him a moron out loud. People can be scary on the roads and on the water.
I'm glad no one was hurt in your race...errr laps. And I'm sorry that Meerkat has a bump.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Ps. You took some really awesome pictures!

PSS. yeah, Dryfeet who are you?

PSSS. Heather come get your dog.

Dryfeet said...

Just one of those readers of your blog who has a 41' catamaran here in the PNW. Formerly had a smaller monohull in Ventura years ago. Like to visit many of your linked blogs and easier to do it from your site than many.

http://ahigherlevel.blogspot.com will tell you more.