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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretending to Be in The Tropics

I can't say I miss being in La Paz during the summer.
Well... there were a couple of things I liked.
I liked not working.
I liked the book exchange in the marina.
I didn't like the relentless heat.
I didn't like the broken air conditioners.
I didn't like the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes.
I do like thunderstorms, but lightning and tall metal poles sticking out of the top of your home just don't mix.
So being back in SoCal where we rarely get thunderheads, rarely hear the boom of the nearby thunder and rarely see the brilliant shock of white lightning, I did enjoy a few days of this.
Mainly because I knew it wasn't going to blow 97 knots or we would have lightning striking withing spitting distance.
Being a wimp safe is good.
So with a little imagination, with an afternoon cocktail and too many clothes on to make us hot squinted eyes to make the local recognizable horizon a blur, we were back in tropical weather.

All good except the view of the underside of that last cloud...