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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day BBQ

Since Renee aka "Princess Renee" was here from NC we decided to do a family BBQ at John's house.

Had most of our side of the family (no Joseph and missing the other NC people), two cousins and four from John's side of the family. Thanks to Randi for taking the group photos!

Renee, Delaina & Jim

Had a ton of great food and great conversations!

Even got all the nieces to pose with their Grandma! So the plan is to do this every few months - sorry, John, but your house is the "central location"!


Anonymous said...

MAN I wish I was there.

Also, we are a family of women aren't we? Wow...

Love, Laina

And oh yeah that comment about those old pictures of Zak and Renee was me too...Sorry. :)

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We wish you were here too. What have I told all of you so many times?? "You will understand how I feel about you once one of your siblings have kids".