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Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Since We Are Now Both Working Trip To The Islas!

And on top of it meeting up with Greg & Deb of "Lion's Paw" and Jeff & Dori of "Journey" out there somewhere!
So this week we had a little pre-island get together on "Lion's Paw" when they came in to the marina for a few nights.
Only fitting, as the last time the six of us had seen each other was back in May in San Juanico in the Sea of Cortez.
We all pretty much look the same but have way more clothes on now.
And real shoes.
And socks.

First we watched Greg burn things on the bbq.

Then we watched their seagull scarer scare the seagulls.
Yeah, right, it that get up?

Then we ate.
Ate cake.
And tried to cram all of us into one picture.
Failed at that, so took two pictures.

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