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Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Napa is for Auto Parts, Paso is for Wine"

Or so the bumper stickers and t-shirts in the one Paso Winery stated.
We'll go for that, as we didn't really need any auto parts last weekend.
So Paso it was.
With Mike and Wendy of "Bodihattsva".
I have to do a google search on the spelling of that word every time I type it.

We'll call them "Bodi" for the weekend for short.

Mr. Bill came too.Our favorite times to go are holidays.
Halloween, with cool decorations.
And now Christmas, a new favorite time.

Mike not only drove the entire time...
He also carried our wine.The views were beautiful.
The brick reds of winter vines.The dark, deep purple of late harvest grapes.The gang.The hand holding dog at Penman Springs.The traditional pose with a pirate in Cayucos. The by-passing of the tavern.
The next day:
Geocaching. Harmony. Apple picking. Mud. Wineries. Dogs. Drive home.

It was all good!
The fun.
The laughter.
The cases of wine.
The friends.
The weekend...


Doug and Carla Scott said...

Ah, beautiful pictures. Sure miss the California wine. Oh well...

Debbie Farner said...

Hi Jim & Heather,

Had to check in here to see what you have been up to. Great pics as usual. We think we will be in Ventura this winter. Loved to see you.

Behan said...

LOVE this, thanks for taking us along on the ride! have such nice memories of the Bodhisattva's (I am surely misspelling) too... swimming over to say HEY when we were out at Isla Isabel together and more. *sigh* good times all around!

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