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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Costa Rica on The Brain

We both have this horrible disease...
It seeps into every waking moment.
It overshadows all the important stuff of the week.
If I could think of anything important from the week...

I think there is a big football game on today.
Not that either of us even know who is playing.
I have no idea.

Uh, what else?
I thought a lot about tangle-less hangers.
Really, I wish someone would invent hangers that don't tangle with each other.
It's like an on-going gang fight in my closet locker.
Drives me nuts.

Jim got hiking boots!
Real shoes.
And it was only the second pair he tried on.
Generally shoe shopping for Jim is a disaster.
A disaster for us.
About the only time we fight.
Or I want to chop him up into little bits and feed him to whatever eeks out a life in our harbor.

Uh, what else?
We saw a jellyfish yesterday next to the boat.
And we saw what dry ice does when someone "accidentially" drops it from the pier.

And we saw the whole reason duct tape is in short supply.

See why Costa Rica on The Brain is ok?


judith said...

I'm helping you with that Costa Rica on the brain thing. I just keep thinking about ya'll going. I can't wait.

Travis and Maggie said...

OOOh I can't wait to see pics. Costa Rica was what inspired us to get a boat, to sail there, but you know how that's going so far ha!. I'm shopping for hikers too, its a total disaster as I want only one pair that will do it all for the next five years. Still looking...

Suzie said...

So, I take it you are excited about going to Costa Rica the same day I go to California??? Oh, well, we will get to see you and sleep on your boat in August when we come see you! (and no, we are not bringing Jake)

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Can't wait!!
T & M - do they have Big 5 in MD? We have found super inexpensive hiking boots there - if you hate them in a year, you only spent $20 instead of $100. We like CR inland - we were there before and Jim was on a boat, but eh - I don't know, I've seen a lot of beaches and inland was amazing!
What Suzie???? You probably wouldn't have come up to Ventura this trip anyway... We'd love to have you in August! And by then we will have Blackie or Spot or Fido or Brownie or whatever that dog's name is going to be!

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