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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Night Hike and Sloth Sanctuary!

And now back to our regularly scheduled crap how we spent my birthday vacation in 20 billion words or less.

After our somewhat unexpected strenuous hike around the Monteverde Reserve, we "had" to stop at the Monteverde Cheese Factory.
"Had" to for their milk shakes and wonderful cheeses.
Sharp cheddars and goudas ~ perfect for hora felizes!

So back to Hotel El Bosque for naps, cold showers (the neglected to tell us they turn the hot water heaters off in the afternoons...) and their Night Hike!
With flashlights in hand, a guide and 4 other hikers off we went into the dusk on yet another trail...
With calves hurting...
More up, down, up, down.
It was great!
We saw agouti, coatimundi, raccoons, grasshoppers and other insects, a tarantula the size of a small volkswagen and the best part:
Hundreds of lightning bugs!
Then a sprint across the road to Cafe Cabure.
We all had great meals ~ mine was chicken satay with an incredible house salad.

As Alan and Susan like to say:
It just keeps getting better and better!
And the next day it did!

Next stop, The Sloth Sanctuary of Monteverde.

No words can describe how wonderful this place was, but I will try anyway!
First of all, we found the Sloth Sanctuary by accident.
Just by driving by on the way to the Monteverde Biological Reserve.
Hmmmm... that place looks interesting!
And it was more than interesting.
It was amazing.
Better than better.
Instead of writing all about it and what we learned, learn for yourself here.


And then we came out to this:
Really, street tires on a rental car in Costa Rica just do not work.


Jennifer said...

I have always wanted to go to the Sloth Sanctuary!! I saw it on THe Amazing Race a few years ago and it made me want to go even more.

Patrick, Tammy & Jack said...

Your trip looks amazing! We just stepped back in time and looked at your blog posts from LaPaz 2008, where we are now...
Just beginning our Sea of Cortez adventure.....so glad we came back this way!
Thanks for the laughs...your blog is great.
Tammy and Patrick
S/v santosha

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Congrats "Santosha" ~ I think going to the Sea was a great idea! It's absolutely stunning. I think I have more Sea from April / May of 2009 too.

Felix Wong said...

I found your site doing a search on the Sloth Sanctuary. Looks like we just missed running into each other there by a week---I was there on March 22nd.

Nice pics and how nice you ran into this place by "accident!"


Terry Sailingknitter said...

The sloths are so cute! Now get back to your knitting girlfriend...