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Monday, September 14, 2009

Observations From The Weak Week

Work gets in the way of living.
In fact it gets in the way of traveling, reading, blogging, cooking, baking, visiting family and the ever important socializing.
We still manage to squeeze in some reading, cooking and socalizing, being boaters and all.
Last Monday I heard a "Heather!!! Heather!!" being yelled from a power boat motoring by.
Ohhhkayyy... who is this person who knows my name?
"Heather, it's Passage!!"
(Yes we call each other by our boat names...)
Cruising friends from back in 1998-2000!
I think we have seen them once since 2000 and we had no idea where they were!
Kandy had seen our new boat name in Latitude 38 last year and had been looking for us ever since!
Turns out they sold "Passage" and now have a house in the back bay with a power boat docked in front of it.
So happy hour had to be planned!
Friday night happy hours.
And hours.
Because we went at 4:30 or so and stayed until 11:00.
And got pulled over by the harborales on the way home for not having proper lighting on the dinghy.
No pics, but we do have a picture of their old boat from "that trip" or that time we were crossing the sea and it turned to shit.
Whole other story.

Next socializing we can thank spacebook my face facebook for.
A Sunday afternoon with Jon, Gina, Christopher, Sara Bella, Scott and Cindy!
So it had only been a year and a half since we had seen them...

Drinks, lunch, drinks, boat, drinks, pictures, drinks, Gina and Chris arranging to help Jim move the boat to Ventura on Friday.

What was my post title again?
Oh yeah, Observations From The Week.
Work gets in the way of living.
It's like no time has passed when we see good friends from the past (except their kids got bigger).
Socalizing is more important that getting enough sleep.
You need to have an all around white light or red, green and white light if you are in a dinghy and are not rowing or sailing.
Sometimes they play too much squeaky Chinese sounding music on Radio Paradise.
Mushy bananas make good banana bread.
Banana bread is even better with chocolate chips in it.
Always take your car to the car dealership before attempting to smog it if the car has been in Mexico for a year and a half.
Be prepared to pay $2000 dollars to get your poor neglected car up to %$#@#%*&% California standards if you have had your car in Mexico for a year and a half.
Realize you have to work a lot of hours to pay for getting your poor neglected car up to %$#@#%*&% California standards if you have had your car in Mexico for a year and a half.
It's cold here.
Hurricanes suck oh wait, that is an old last summer observation.
We don't fit in because we don't have a blueberry raspberry but we can make that sound blackberry.
Sara 12 year old Bella Greene has nicer sunglasses than me.
It's always windy in Ventura and Oxnard.
It's cool when your friend's kids turn into your friends.
Hmmmm... what else did I observe?
Work gets in the way of living.
Oh wait, I already said that.

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