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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chaos on the Water

Happy Boxing Day!
This year we were lucky enough to find the Sydney to Hobart race live on the internet.
We get to save Alaskan Dave Down Unda a bunch of pesos in postage!
And since it goes on for eons a couple of days, we can follow the placement of the boats on Google Earth.I personally think these people are insane...
Wet, cold, too long, all night long, maybe all night long the next day, folding wet spinnakers, heeling over, did I mention wet?, little or no sleep, did I mention cold?, crazy area of the ocean and did I mention too long?
I like to race sailboats.
For about 3 hours.
Maybe 5.
Then I am done.
Want to be at The Yacht Club.
Any Yacht Club.I did mention too long, didn't I?
Look how far away from the finish line they are and they have already been sailing for over 24 hours!
Hell on water.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Three cheers for Alfa!!! I thought she just looked much faster coming out of the harbour.

Do you want the dvd of our telecast still? Sydney bridge fireworks?

THE SHIRT IS AWESOMELY GREAT!!!!! Many many thanks! It's cool that goofy is offcentre on the shirt :) WP has been using her gift for days now. Thanks muchly and I'll be posting a post about it today --with my usual "flair" for good taste, of course.