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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Maria, Bahia Magdalena & Post Reunion Reunion

Well we are all having fun!
Some of us are just a hell of a lot warmer than the other of us.
The warm ones?

Jim C., Little Lovely Lucy Lowe and Jim D. on "Passage II" enroute from Bahia Magdalena to San Jose del Cabo.

But first a night in Bahia Santa Maria.
A night in Bahia Magdalena.

A hike across the sand dunes from Mag to Santa Maria.
Fuel from Gregorio, the port captain at Man-o-War Cove.
Provisions from Gregorio too.

And now they are doing their last overnighter of the trip!

I am the cold one.
But hey! I don't have to do a nightwatch tonight...

But I did get to have a girl's night at Shirley's last night!
Several of us from Junior High and High School got together for a post reunion reunion.
One that we could hear each other talk.
When we could get a word in edgewise.
And one that we could run around the kitchen counter really fast to all get in the picture...Lisa Stadler Dobson of "Blue Aweigh" (also lives on a boat and cruises! Saw her in La Paz!), Liz Bentz Luciani (I have now officially forgiven her for being a turd to me in school), Lisa #2 in the background, Shirley Henderson Rhoads (thanks for a lovely evening in your lovely home!), Lesa (sort of Lisa #3) Jensen, LaDene Steeno Morrison (slippers...), moi, Sherry Vasquez McCarthy squeezing in (I ran faster than Sherry...)

Loads of stories.
Loads of laughs.
Loads of Shirley being related somehow to 94% of Ventura.
More stories.
Broken dish.
Hold the dogs back from the broken dish.
More laughs.
More relatives of Shirley.
I thought I was bad.
More stories.
More laughter.
More remember her, remember him?
More stories.
Pet the dogs.
Tall tales.
More snacks.
Shoe sizes.
Tall girls.
One cartwheel.
One dog poop.
Everyone exhausted today.

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