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Friday, March 19, 2010

Adios "Thistle"!

Well, it is official.
"Thistle" (our home for 12 years) is now our ex-ex-boat.And D & C's ex-boat (their home for almost 6 years).

It now belongs to some guy named John.
In Newport Beach.
Near it's friend and buddy, "Toshal".("Toshal" and "Thistle" were best friends back in 1998 in Mexico ~ both Bill Tripp designed boats. Hung out a lot. Buddy boated a lot. Probably dated. Too bad they didn't make baby Tripps. Could have made a lot of money...)

We had a little cross between a celebration and a goodbye the other night.
Kind of funny, because Dave & Cherryl were off looking at a trawler to buy, so Jim & I pretty much made ourselves at home on our ex-boat.
For about an hour...
Had a glass of wine.
Jim dug in the fridge and found a Sierra Nevada.

I took some pics.

Sat in the captain's chair.

Got amazed at the size of the winches.

Got amazed at the size of the docklines.

Had a little champagne.

Said goodbye to my the sink in the head.

Said goodbye to the fireplace.

Told a few stories.
Had a few laughs.Shed a few tears...


Suzie said...

It is sad to have to say "Good-bye" twice isn't it? She will go on to have more adventures - it is like when your child gets married and leaves you....you know she will be OK, but you will miss her!

Ray and Lucy said...

I know what you mean guys. Heather, when you told us about seeing "Pepina Rae" in San Diego it was like it's finally over. As long as she was in Nuevo it was like she was still ours.

Meghan said...

Awww the fireplace!!! I loved that boat, but not as much as you did.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

When I saw the price I waaaaaaaas sooooo tempted. But then I remembered I didn't have the money... But it sure would have been fun sailing her down here.