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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Flowers That Just Won't Die

Flowers bought from Von's still alive and blooming 12 days after purchase.Jim bought these for me the day he got home from Oregon.
Which after all that has happened seems like a week and a half lifetime ago.
I think they were a welcome him back to me and a Happy Birthday combination.

So for my birthday I did not do this.As I did last year.
I worked.
Had an awesome dinner of filet mignon and king crab legs prepared perfectly by Jim.
Enjoyed a little Oregonian zinfandel.

This was all last week however.
Let's get to the weekend.
No tsunamis.
I baked bread both on Tsaturday and Tsunday Saturday and Sunday.
Jim went fishing.
I made homemade vegetable soup.
We whooped it up way too much Friday night in the Village.
I cleaned.
Did laundry.
Took baths both days.

This week?

I will wear my Irish Princess crown to work.

And wish I still had my lucky Irish paper lantern.

And wish I was in Mag Bay.

And say goodbye to my cousin.

I will enjoy 80 degree days.

I will watch dolphins swim in the harbor.

And continue to enjoy these flowers.


judith said...

Wow, I would say that's the place to buy flowers.

Doug and Carla Scott said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a B'day. Miss you guys!

1st Mate said...

Happy St. Paddy's, amiga! Go celebrate again. Love the crown.

TT said...

Wonderful indeed