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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back to the Beach! Friday the 13th...

Then back to the beach to join the 5,000 people!

This kid cracked me up! He was building a sand castle and would run down to the water for "supplies" and then run back up to his castle, never taking off the blue tube!

These kids offered to share their pool with us! It had about 3 inches of sandy, dirty water inside, so we passed...

We loved this! This is one of my pictures for my "Only in Mexico Book". Did someone actually ride the bike here with all these toys already blown up? Or does he ride the bike to the beach, then sit & blow these up for the next three hours?
There was an airplane in there somewhere we wanted to buy for Ariel, but he said he was sick of planes...

Found a table under the sea of umbrellas and it was time for some rum drinks, excellent shrimp ceviche and guacamole!

Jim just couldn't say no to this little girl, so we are now the proud owners of this octopus!

Jim sharing his drink with me!

Since we would be heading over to Las Hadas in the morning, and wouldn't be seeing "the gang" anymore, we invited them over for dinner. Ariel bought some shrimp from one of the restaurants, some coconuts from another and then fresh churros from these men who were making them on the beach!

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