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Sunday, November 22, 2009

High School Reunion!

Oh yay ~ or oh no, a bunch more years went by!
My five year nope that's not right, my ten year no, twenty year oh crap it was my thirty year high school reunion.

Yep, I am officially old I had a blast!
Friday night was a cocktail party at Aloha (how convenient one of our classmates is an owner of Aloha!) with great appetizers, awesome service, loads of laughter and a lot of fun!

So let's just look at pics.
Lots of them.

Christy & Nancy.

Liz & me. See how nice she is being to me?
She was making up for being such a turd to me in high school!

Ah, finally someone Jim knows ~ Chuck, our stockbroker.
We keep him real busy with our $32 we have in stocks...
Chuck married LaDene, who always had the locker above mine.
She was tall.
I was short.
We would trade if I got the top one.
Worked out.
She must still like me, because they gave us a ride home that night.
After I lost her slippers.
Long story.
Ignore this part.

Uh who else was there?Crazy David Ortiz, Tall LaDene, Ron, me (I had tall shoes on, which is why I had LaDene's slippers on later) & Nancy.
I have two of my all-time favorite people on each side...

Then we went to The WaterMark with Dianne.
Jim had a Scotch on the cool lit from inside bar.

Then to some gen duh bar Goode.Then my face hurt from smiling and laughing.
Then home to prepare for night #2 ~ the official reunion!

To give Jim an "out" during the evening, I rented a hotel room.

There is something so decadent about renting a hotel room all of 4 miles from your home.

Ohhhh... bathtub!

Pre-reunion glass of vino in our room with Janet, Karl, Debbie, Chuck, LaDene & Jim.

Ok, more pics.
Jim & Debbie (who married my good pal, Karl) ~ sailors and cruisers too!

Rob, me & Nina.

She is another one of my all-time fav humans!

When she was six she spent the night at my house.
It was her first time not sleeping at home.
She basically cried all night.
She survived.
And apparently still tolerates likes me!

Uh, who else?
This is CeCe who crashed the party!
She was a year ahead of us so she just posed as Jennifer...

Oh yay ~ another crasher!
So to explain, there were two big high schools in my town, Buena & Ventura.
Makes sense, right as the hometown is called San Buenaventura?
Well, and the Catholic high school, but most of them had bailed by that time and were at public schools with us.
So both high schools held their 30 year reunions at the same hotel on the same night.
How cool was that?
One of my best rival high school friends, Dawn crashed!So my face was starting to hurt from smiling and laughing about this time.
Jim had left.
He was half undressed on the bed in the hotel room, tv on.
Beer open.

Nina, Charnell, Linda & me.

Debbie, Karl & me.

Nina & me.
Still a favorite.

Ron & me.
Another favorite.

Ok, this is really, really late.
We are all really, really tired.And our faces all really, really were hurting from smiling and laughing.
Which is why I have a grimace on my face.
Don't notice the flip flops please...

So much fun!
Huge, giant thanks to all who put so much effort and time and energy into making this such a great weekend!


Jolea said...


judith said...

Yeah, lots of fun... I didn't notice the flip flops but I did notice the woman in gym shorts. Was she a jogging crasher?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Nah, she just got sick of her dress.

Doug and Carla Scott said...

Bathtub - I want to go! Looks like you had a wonderful time!