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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

While The Cat's Away...

The wife will play.
The wife (that would be me) will not cook meat.
The wife will eat popcorn or salad for dinner.
The wife will watch chick flicks.
The wife will not have to converse once she has left the office.
The wife will not have to make the bed when she gets up, because it's pretty much made when she gets out of it.

So where is the cat Jim?
He is onboard "Passage II" probably anchored at Cedros Island South of Ensenada and North of Turtle Bay.
Hanging with Jim C. and Little Lovely Lucy Lowe.
Helping them out.
Keeping them safe.
Preventing the exhaustion that comes with double-handed sailing.
Being waited on hand and foot by LLLL.
Listening to all the books he downloaded to his phone.
Showing them the Baja Coast.
Going downwind (yay!).
Checking systems.
Drinking a few beers while at anchor.
Enjoying some quality time with awesome friends.


judith said...

Is that a paying job? Not watching movies, the job Jim's doing.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Actually yes, he is getting paid. Jim C. & Lucy had some problems when they headed South a few weeks ago and had to go back to Ensenada for repairs. It was a little scary - things could have been bad for them - could have had more damage to the boat and or them, so they realized having him onboard would help them out, so they called & hired him. It's just better having a 3rd person! And one that has done this trip 15 or so times before. He got paid really well when he did the trip to Costa Rica! That was way back at the beginning of my blog - some cool CR pics from way back then!

Lucy Coltrane said...

Have a great solo chick time, Heather. It's nice for a few days. I really like the last word you posted...LIVING! You are so right about that...you guys know how to do it. Safe trip to Jimbo and Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

judith said...

He's such a pro. I bet they feel real lucky to have him there.

Jennifer said...

Did you watch thee propasal yet? I bet Jim would like that one, Jeremy watched it and thought it was funny. it's one of my favortie movies now!