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Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Passage II" Passaging Down The Bight

Yay for the single side band once again.
Sure makes staying in touch with Jim easy!
When he did the trip down with Dave & Kellie on "Sweet Lorraine", I had to go over to Ariel's boat at 6 am to use his ssb.
Talk about not convenient.
And talk about giving the neighbor's something to talk about.

They left Turtle Bay this morning, heading for Asuncion.
About 50 miles.
They already have about 15 knots of wind on their stern.
Hopefully it doesn't pick up too much for them.
We had 35-40 knots of wind last night (all night long) here in the Ventura Harbor.
Not so fun.
Apparently it is going to continue here...
There are white caps behind my boat at 8:30 in the morning...

Anyway, they have three stops planned for the next three nights and my have to hide out for a day or two in one of them.

San Juanico.

Deja vu.


Laina said...

So I had to change my blog...

Here's the new one.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Okee dokee! Do you still love everything? What about me???? Still love me?????? :)