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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I thought of a really great post title for this last night, and now I can't remember it.

This post will have nothing to do with sailing.
So for those of you coming here from those cruising and catamaran links, ignore this.
Look to the right and read about when we were cruising.
If fact everyone look to the right and read about when we were cruising.
No one read this.

This post will have to do with yelling venting.
What part of "rent is due on the first" do people not understand?
Due on the first means the first of the month.
Not the fifth, tenth or eighty-thirteenth.
What part of "late fees will be applied on the 10th" do people not understand?
Not the fifteenth, twenty-first or never.
I spend the better part of my day collecting for slips and boat storage.Ugh.

Next one.
Cancer and death.
Here we go again...
My funny, kind, sweet, amazing, full of stories, Irish, red-haired, cousin and friend Patrick passed away last week.
And I can only find a picture from 15 years ago...
Memorial to be on St. Patrick's Day.
Very fitting.
On top of that, our aunt is not doing well with her cancer.
We are going to go through this two people weeks apart thing again.

Uh what else?
Jim's family.
Huge, whole other story.
Multiple surgeries.
Accident with fire.
Not good.

My boat is a mess.
Pigeon poo everywhere on the outside.
Hair everywhere on the inside.
No food at home.
Our friends in New Zealand had everything they owned except their passports, one computer and the clothes on their backs stolen.
Someone stole their daughter's diaries?
What is wrong with people???

On a good note, I took my mom out to dinner and to see Avatar in 3D.

I went to the Crocs outlet and found the Islander shoes for $14.99 ~ buy one, get one half off!!

We made the best crab artichoke dip in the mini-crockpot.

I got a paycheck.

I went to a party at a client's house and turned out I pretty much knew everyone there somehow.

Not ugh.


"Seattle" Heather said...

Heather I'm sorry for your families loss.
Just take a deep breath and take all the other things one step at a time.
Thinking of you...

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Thanks Hevver!
I'm good now. Nothing like a long, hot bath in the middle of a Saturday!

1st Mate said...

So much illness all at once, you must be overwhelmed just thinking about it. Hang in there, girl. And if you feel like sharing that dip recipe...

judith said...

I'm so sorry Heather, take care of yourself... it will get better. I just gave you an honorable mention on my blog check it out, not that it will make things all that better but know I'm thinking about you and listening to Celtic music. Too bad I don't have any Irish Whiskey...