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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Did NOT Make Me Happy. At All. Whatsoever.

While cruising around Newport Beach on "Toshalito", Alan and Susan's F27 trimaran, we came across this:

Oh yay!
Happy day!
Our ex-ex-boat!
Remember, the one we lived on for twelve years?
Cruised Mexico for three years?
Sold to Dave and Cherryl, who lived on it for five and a half years?
Who recently sold it to some guy who wants to cruise it?
Good, glad you all have such great memories.

So what was this about?Totally unacceptable.
Not so great.
Something is missing.

What the ???Where the hell is the name?

Sorry new owner, but my brother designed that name.
The boat is (was?) well known by that name.
Kind of thinking you head to Mexico and could have made friends just by the people who knew us by that name.

Wonder what he is going to name it.
It better not be something fluffy or lame.
Stupid or corny.

I cannot imagine Thistle's soul likes this.


Margarita Mirasol said...

Awww. I hear your pain. Lovely boat though. Nice bottom.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Yo Meerkat H, isn't it bad luck to rename a boat?
(I mean if you believe in that sort of thing-boyfriends boat has been renamed 3 times since he's owned it!)

That would annoy me too...however I like Meerkat better...I just do.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It's ok if you do a ceremony. Or your boat had a dopey name when you bought it. Such as "Thistle". When we bought it, it was named "Rogue Wave". Uh, that just seemed to be tempting fate, so that came off the day we bought it.
SeaHeather, why did boyfriend re-name his boat three times? He better not be naming it after girls...!
PS I like "Meerkat" better too, but we re-named it as well. It was named "Two Dolphins" - kind of boring! And I had to have the word "Cat" or "Kat" in there, since "Capricorn Cat" was the catalyst in us buying this (get it, catalyst?)... and speaking of catalyst, that is a name of another cat!

Anonymous said...

Hello, terribly sorry about "Thistle".
I was wondering if you'd forward my address to capricorn cat. I'm building the sistership to CapCat and would love to ask them some questions regarding the boat. I've left messages on their blog but don't have their e-mail address.
Thanks for your time.
Paul Melanson

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hi Paul!
Of course - wow - good for you! We spent a lot of time with Blair & Joanie the builders of "Capricorn Cat", then became good friends with Wayne & Carol the new owners. I will forward your info to both couples! Carol has not kept up her blog, so she probably has not even seen the comment. I email back and forth with her via facebook just about every day, so will forward this info to her manana. "Cap Cat" was the whole reason we went from a monohull to a cat. We sailed and raced on "CC" in Mexico back in 98-00 and fell in love with cats. Blair lent us his multihull magazines and that put my husband over the edge. Brought the Columbia 50' back to SoCal and researched cats for 4 years and bought this one. If you look back through my blog, there is quite a bit about "CC". Where are you building it? Blair would have the most info for you. Thanks for finding us! Heather

Cruisin Canucks said...

Hey Thistle...Don't know if you remember us but we sure remember you. Barb and I were on Illusions during a few Bay of Banderros regattas. We now have 2 sail boats and Richard is full time captain on a 90ft Motoryacht up in Vancouver. Looing at bringing the 36 ft down to stay in mexico for a long time. We remember Thistle...and her history!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

OMG - Barb & Richard! Of course we remember you! How did you find us or this blog? Too darn funny. We had a GREAT time with you way back a bazillion years ago. Congrats on the 2 sailboats and if you go to Mexico, PLEASE come thru Ventura for some catching up time.
I have a great pic of the four of us, but I wrote up Barb's arm in the picture... oops...
So since you have a big time job now, does that mean you don't have to bathe in your jacuzzi now? :0

Cruisin Canucks said...

The funny thing is that our Yacht owner rents a house in California every winter. We were down in Palm Springs for Xmas and New Years and went through your area in March... We have been very fortunate to have spent the last 5 -6 years cruising as paid Captain/crew in Colombia Venezuela Bonaire and Grenada. Last year I took a New Catamaran from Cape Town to Brazil ..spent the month in Brazil and off to Trinidad and Tobago. Barb is 5 years from retirement BUT will take 2011-12 off on sabbatical so we intend to get some cruising of our own done. We have been writing for Caribbean compass under the pen name of Cruisin Canucks...www.cruisincanucks.com is our (very outdated) website. Barb and I have met many cruisers that we had met in Mexico in some of the worlds hotspot cruising destinations all because of the Bay of Banderos regatta...pretty cool if you ask me . Lots of ocean....lots of fun...and the yacht actually..believe it or not has a jacuzzi on board...LOL..

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Crazy Canucks - Did you see I found a picture of us from way back then?
The next time thru here PLEASE make time to come see us :) either by car or boat.
Sounds like you have been living a great life since we have seen you!
Ok, so you have a jacuzzi on board the big boat, well I have a bathtub on the regular boat! ♥