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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Snot Snow, Whatever

It does not matter what pissed off Mother Nature throws at us this weekend.
30 knots.
We are going here:Or there...
One of those anchorages.
Or two.

It's time.
It's been nine months since this boat as seen that island.
That is absolutely the longest time we have been in a harbor.
This was the windiest, rainiest, yukiest winter / spring I can remember.
It's time.
Plus it's Memorial Day.
Memorial Day tradition ~ go to the islands, get wind, watch boats drag.


Suzie said...

Well, it is traditionally the worst weekend of the year but, hey, have fun!! I know you are going crazy...I can hear it in your voice...you need need need the open water and the space and you will come back happy even if it is a really really bad weekend! Have a delightful time. Stay safe and be happy. You deserve it!

judith said...

Have fun you two krazy kats.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It is usually the worst weekend! Have to watch out for those tri trip stealing seagulls too. Anything is better than staying in the harbor at this point!
Thanks K, S & J!