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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tacos y Tequila - Muelle H

Time for a tequila & taco night (or so Pamela & Marsha decided)!
Somehow this idea came up after our Friday night yoga class - must have had something to do with the after yoga red wine we were enjoying...

Marsha and Jenny supplied the nice tequilas~~~ Marsha actually broke out her "Reserva de la Familia"!
A super special tequila Jose Cuervo puts out that Jim & I saw when we toured the Jose Cuervo distillery in Tequila, Mexico!

Marsha supplied the great tacos and I supplied the stuffed jalapenos!

The jalapenos were hot to Jenny!
Pam had water with her tequila...

We had tastes of some fine tequilas! We were missing three spouses though, John, Deborah and Roger - next time!

We finished off with Marsha's excellent pineapple upside down cake, tiramisu ice cream and Patron's coffee tequila!
Quite the Saturday night feast on "Night Hawk"!

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