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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ventura County Fair 2007!

Hot Dog! It's the Ventura County Fair! We hadn't been for a few years so talked John, Jennifer, Dan & Marsha into going. We took the school bus shuttle from the harbor (it was John & Jenny's first time on a school bus - guess they don't have school buses in England or Poland).

Checked out the sheep and goats first.
And the landscaping and flowers.

Had corn dogs (one for Kellie), beers, corn on the cob, Pink's hot dogs and popcorn.
Found ourselves in the genealogy area and came across three entries that belonged to my Mom! She won a First Place and two Second Places!

Went to Uncle Leo's Children's' Barn to see the baby pigs. I had a two-year old little girl who thought the donkey was "Donkey" from Shrek. Every time I touched the donkey she would pull my hand away and push me away from the donkey. So I kept touching the donkey and she kept pulling my hand away. That entertained me for about 10 minutes.

Then this thing entertained us all for another 10 minutes!
Dan & Marsha

Jennifer & John

Heather & Jim

Wandered around some more and then headed to the grandstand to listen to REO Speedwagon - an actual "Geezer Concert"! The average age of concert-goer must have been 50 - took us back a few years... We had a friendly policeman take this picture of us. I told John that was probably better than the last time a policeman took a picture of him... (ask him about Avalon)!

Then back to the bus, where John & Jenny got to go for their second school bus ride of their lives!

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