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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Yellowbanks July 28 & 29 - Just the 2 of us!

Time for an island trip to relax, read and chill. We did our yoga class on Friday night so started the weekend out right! Took our time on Saturday morning leaving the harbor (even slept in a little!) and motored out to Yellowbanks.

The weather was real tropical at first, then turned into fog. We crossed just ahead of a N/B ship and then just behind a S/B ship. For once we didn't have to alter course!

Sun at the anchorage!
Lazy, lazy day...
I finished one book and started another
We shared a bottle of nice Opolo Zinfandel we had from our last wine tasting trip.

Put the dinghy down and did the usual take pictures of our own boat thing...

Stokely and Cindy on "Kong Fever" came in after fishing all day, so dinghied over to their boat.

You have probably heard about the rivalry between power boats and sail boats...
Well, here is proof!!
Notice there are no catamarans being smacked by King Kong however...

We visited with them for awhile and checked out their cool fishing gear, then back to the boat for a quiet dinner. The Zaca Fire was still burning strong so we had smoke in the evening and ash on the deck in the morning.

Then the fog rolled in and around the hills.
We had a great dinner of bbq'd chicken, corn and baked potatoes - I actually used the microwave for the first time at anchor!

We sat in the cockpit and listened to music. I read until dark and then we watched a giant orange moon rise over the ocean to the South of Anacapa Island!

Jim decided he wanted to sleep in the cockpit, so we dragged the mattress from the starboard forward bunk out. I did fine until 2 am when "someone" (I won't say who) had all covers and me squished against the seat, so off to my bunk for me!

In the morning we had coffee and read more. I made a big breakfast then we read some more and I finished the book I had started the day before! I can't remember when I have had time to read an entire book in a day. Reminds me of cruising...

Headed home early and enjoyed a leisurely motor-sail and whale show!

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