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Friday, April 10, 2009

Back in The Land of Oz Maz!

The more time we spend in Mazatlan, the more we LIKE it!
After a couple of nights anchored at Stone Island we headed up the whopping eight miles of coast to Mazatlan's pleasure boat harbor.
This time we parked at the Singlar Marina ~ a sister marina of the one we stayed at in San Blas.We are surrounded by friends.
The social life is insane.
We need a calendar just for activities.
A mid-afternoon beer break with "Lovely Reta" and "Eyes of The World".
Chatting with Bill and Diane of "Wirewalker".

A really long walk into town to do a little geocaching.
With one being at "my place"!
Then walking even further and further in attempts to find the no-longer open microbrewery...
Feet hurt.

Then joining Bill and Mary Jane of "Great Max" "Grey Max" (who are sort of condo sitting) for hora feliz.
Cool view from the condo!

"Meerkat" is pointed out for you.

Cool view of the pool.

Then Don and Lenna of "The Grand Wazoo" (formerly of "Windward Luv" in our old cruising days) joined the impromptu hora feliz.And then...
We were joined by Deb and Joe of "Pathetic Jade "Pacific Jade" and then by Tom of "Tis Magic".
Deb, MJ and I went for a little dip, complete with plastic to go hora feliz cups.Back to the condo where the hora feliz turned into an all evening feliz.
Well until 11 pm anyway.


judith said...

Have you ever thought about getting a bike?

Party, party, party... when are ya'll going to get a life? LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mazatlan has sure changed since we were there. Gilligan's island is an island no more.


Doug and Carla Scott said...

We agree - Mazatlan is wonderful! Glad to see you are having such a great time!